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Gacha Life 2

Gacha Life 2 is the second part of the game developed by Lunime. It was released in mid-2020. The new part contains elements from other games of the developer, as well as a number of new features that now are available there. The first part was beloved by many players for the opportunity to show your creativity in the Studio or in the Character Creator. As well as because of the Life Mode, in which the player had the opportunity to meet more than a hundred different NPCs and interact with them.

Gacha Life Game Online Free

Are you keen on anime? Have you ever dreamt about making your own mini-serial? Would you like to follow the trends of 2021? If yeah, Gacha Life is what you need. It isn’t an ordinary dress-up game. Using it, you will open a new world of anime culture on your smartphone. And guess what? You are a main hero and an author.

Gacha Life is created by Lunime for creative and stylish kawai-lovers. In this game you may become a real star of a story in Japanese style. Plunge into the world of bright colours. Make short films for YouTube and impress your friends. Let your uniqueness grow and develop. The greatest adventure of your entire world is ready to start!

Create your own hero

Let’s look closer at what is waiting for you in this super-popular worldwide game? Get acquainted with a nice cat while first entering. Great adventure will start from Home, where it is possible to choose different heroes to your taste. Different accessories may help you to change your hero. From angel wings to bunny ears, and cattails to giant swords and armor — you can choose what you want.

You can change the height, body shape, hairstyle and color, and face traits. Choose the eyes shape and color, vary the expression and your character looks original! Answer just a little question — can humans change their body shape? And what about the shape of a head? However, you are a magician in our game — make one’s head bigger or smaller or funny deform it. Create your character personalized, but nobody will restrict you if you do the similar hero!

Try yourself in filmmaking

The next step in Gacha Life is a story — building or Studio. It is known as the most interesting and popular part of a game. Creative lovers of our cute heroes are able to make funny cartoons using different tools. Try yourself as a producer and a star, make films with other players and you will be cool among mates.

After that, you can share the situation you have invented with other authors from the server and watch their stories as well. Together you will build a real community of creative anime-fans, share ideas, and film incredible video novels.

But that’s not all! Eight mini-games are here! Play and get magic crystals. Why do you need crystals? For presents to artificial intelligence. You will not have the lack of communication because different characters are waiting impatiently.
Don’t want just act and create? Not a problem! Ichi’s Math is presented here, where it is possible to do sums!

Develop your skills and have fun. Moreover, that is not all — Narwhal Sky, Phantom Remix and many, many others! There are so many options thaе you can create thousands of masterpieces and share them with others. The game is free and can be played online. Come and see!