Dark Side

Gacha Life is a game that will allow you to create a variety of characters in anime drawing style, and use them in sketches in the Studio. This is how a huge number of players like her for the opportunity to show their creativity.

You are able to create a wide variety of characters. These can be people and mythological creatures. Now we will just talk about the second option. In the game, we are provided with accessories like wings, halos or horns, and a lot of different clothes in light and dark colors that are suitable for creating non-humans.

Also, you are provided with beautiful backgrounds to choose from, which will help you create the scene you need in absolutely any genre. So, let’s talk about the genre because of which we need all this: matching appearance, background and accessories.

One of the most beloved stories in the Gacha Life game is Dark Side. Usually, the plot revolves around angels and demons. Most often, a couple belonging to different sides fall in love with each other after which a tragic story is shown when they begin to be separated. And even after many years of separation, they don’t stop loving each other and trying to figure out what to do to be together.

In such a case, someone usually decides to go to the opposite side in order to reunite with a loved one. Then the character begins a new life, only on the other side, but now they are together with their beloved. Most often, it is accompanied by a song that has the same title as the genre, which further immerses in the atmosphere of the scene.

In Gacha Club, which is the second part of the game, it became possible to add objects and pets to sketches, so now new scenes in Gacha Life are able to be even more interesting than they were before. Also, now a huge number of participants can participate in the scene.

If you liked this story, then in the game when you will play it, you can create your version on your Android or iOS device. Then, if you want, you can post it to the public, like other players, so that others can see your version of what is happening. Play with your friends and come up with a more interesting plot than these and compete in who will come up with a cool story and get more likes for it if you put it to the public.