Gacha Club

Gacha Club is also known as the second part of Gacha Life. It combines not only new functionality but also some elements from other games which were developed by Lunime and were released in 2020.

What’s New Added?

In the main menu, not only the interface has been updated, but also some new options in Creator have appeared. So, adjust everything to make everyone look perfect! Change the color of your items and more! Import and export characters, customize their profiles and your pets! In the Studio, you are able to create scenes in which up to ten participants are able to take part.

From the new, also appeared text fields that do not relate to anyone, but to the story itself. Also, from now on, pets and objects can be added. Their appearance and size can also be adjusted, as well as other parameters.

Add beautiful backgrounds for your scenes, choose from a huge number of poses for your participants and add text fields for them in the scene. Don’t forget about pets! They also have something to bark and roar, so use some text boxes for them, too!
Also, remember that you can load and save a maximum of fifteen scenes.

In the Units tab, you can create teams to fight in battles. Each team must have seven members according to the elements. In total, a player is able to have up to ten teams that he/she can change while he is not taking part in the battle. There are over 180 different units available for fighting in battles.

You also have an opportunity to assemble a team of pets, which will give a bonus to stats. There are three modes in the battle mode: Training, Tower and Story Mode.

You are able to get different items in the Training Mode, in the Tower you have to go through a chain of different battles, and in the Story Mode, the plot will be shown in the form of cut scenes in combination with battles that will make the story even more interesting.

In the Gacha tab, you can get pets and characters for your units. Try to get super rare characters but it depends on your luck! You are presented with four mini-games to choose from in the corresponding tab. The first one is Lemo & Yuni Dance! In which you need to memorize combinations of different icons and then repeat them without making mistakes.

The second one is called Mascot Whack!, where you just hit the mascots and avoid attacking the ducks. Then, In Usagi vs. Neko, you will play as Usagi and shoot at Neko’s bots, avoiding being shot yourself. And in Memory Match, you need to remember the location of the cards, and then collect them in pairs.

Also, based on the title, the ability to join the Club was added to the game. There are a huge number of them, so you will definitely find something interesting to join. Unfortunately, they do not greatly affect the gameplay, as they are used only for grouping presets.

The Opinion of the Players

In general, the game has a lot of fans who were happy with the release of the new part. Gacha Club has become quite popular, gaining a huge number of positive reviews from players, who were very pleased with all the innovations in the gameplay. Also, the game is still available to play without the internet, so you have an opportunity to enjoy it anytime!