Gacha Life 2

Gacha Life 2 is the second part of the game developed by Lunime. It was released in mid-2020. The new part contains elements from other games of the developer, as well as a number of new features that now are available there.

The first part was beloved by many players for the opportunity to show your creativity in the Studio or in the Character Creator. As well as because of the Life Mode, in which the player had the opportunity to meet more than a hundred different NPCs and interact with them.

Gacha Life 2 also has the Studio and the Creator, as was mentioned before, as well as Battles and Units. Now you are able to assemble your team of seven members according to the elements and fight in epic battles! Moreover, you are able to make a team of pets that will give bonuses to the characters’ stats. You have an opportunity to get new units and items from pulls, not only from battles.

Another feature of the current part is the fact that in everyone’s favorite Studio there can now be more participants. The maximum number of participants in the scene has increased from eight to ten. There are also text fields that are not tied to any specific character. That is, now you are able to tell the story on behalf of the narrator. You can also add one object and a pet to the scene.

Returning to battles, there are three new modes. These are Training, Tower and Story Mode. In them, the player can also receive various items during the game. And, of course, in the Story Mode, you can see various cutscenes in combination with epic battles like it was in other games of the developer like World and Resort.

The player also has four mini-games available: in one of them you will memorize symbols; in the second one, you need to hit the mascots and try to avoid ducks; in the third, you need to dodge attacks from Neko’s bots and shoot at them; in the fourth, memorize the cards before they turn face down and then make pairs of them.

Clubs are another innovation. There is a big variety of them to choose from, so you are guaranteed to find the one that suits your taste! All-Stars, Bubble Tea, Corruption, Cosplay, Kawaii, Phantom, Rainbow, GachaTubers and more different clubs are presented there. In general, they do not really affect the gameplay, but simply group the presets.

Gacha Life 2 was positively received by the fans of the previous part. Everyone really liked the new functionality, and everyone is extremely happy with the updated interface and new features in the studio. It is available offline, so you have an opportunity to have fun anytime!