Gacha Life 3

At the moment, there are two parts of Gacha Life. In 2018, the first part was released, and two years later another one. Now players are wondering, should they expect the third part of the game to come out in 2022?

Compared to the first part, the second one had a huge amount of new functionality. It combines various gameplay elements from other games of the developer like World, Resort and GL1.

Battles and Units were added to the Gacha Club. So, now you are able to make teams of seven characters according to each element and take part in battles!

The Studio and Character Creator were improved and supplemented with new options to change. Now, you are able to change not only the appearance of the character but also customize its profile by adding some extra information. Also, now there can be only ten participants on your scene and one object and pet.

Therefore, the players can expect that everything that was listed above may be present in the new part, and innovations may also appear, such as the addition of more objects, backgrounds, participants and pets during the creation of scenes in the Studio. The Character Creator can be changed and more elements added that can be changed.

New modes in the game can also be added, as happened with Battles and Units. Or some new mini-games are able to appear. For example, now only four are available to play.

In general, the players reacted quite positively to GL2 and they really liked it, so the players have an unbreakable hope that the novelty from the developer will be as successful and interesting as the previous ones.