Character Creator

Probably, Gacha Life Character Creator can be called the second favorite feature in the game after Gacha Life Studio. This tab in the game may be the most important since without it will not be possible to fully use the Studio that players love so much. In Character Creator, you have access to a huge number of different settings to change.

In the first part of the game, of course, there were fewer of them, but still, this did not interfere with having a good time playing. The player could change hair, clothing, body, as well as add various accessories or use presets. Also, you are able to have up to eight different characters.

In Gacha Life 2, settings have become significantly more. Now you are able to add some additional information about them by customizing the profiles by adding their age, date birth and so on. Speaking of presets, one of the innovations in Gacha Life 2 is clubs. In general, they do not particularly affect the gameplay itself, but they group presets. And the number of characters increased from eight to ten, so now you will have more participants in your scenes.

Also, from the innovations in the second part, pets and objects appeared, which can also be added and used while creating scenes in the Studio. The player is able to play mini-games and fight in epic battles, where he can get more items.

Also in the game, you can get more Units and Items in the corresponding tab. Therefore, you are able to try your luck to get more items! So now players can get even more creative with the character customization stage than they did before, making it even more fun to play!