Cute Girl

In Gacha Life, you can create absolutely any person you want. To do this, you need to use the Character Creator.

There are many options available to you in the game, which you can change as you see fit. Want to create a brave guy? Someone who looks funny? Maybe someone who looks creepy? …Or maybe just a cute girl?

Customize your body and facial expression. They can convey the character of a person, so think about who you want to create, someone confident who will stand in an open position or shy in a closed position? Add blush, glasses, bandages, gestures, and even more, which will also show what kind of personality he or she has.

Change your hairstyle and hair color. Usually, in anime, they directly affect the character of the person. Make someone who is very active, so he or she will have red hair, or a quiet one with blue hair, a non-standard person with the green one, or feminine and innocent with pink or light purple like we want if we talk about pretty young ladies


Add accessories to complete the look. There are ears of cats or rabbits, pretty hats, bows, and even more, whatever you wish.

Choose clothes that you think will suit your character. It can be an airy dress that will look good on the pretty young lady or a tracksuit for someone active, ripped jeans and a leather jacket for someone cool, or cosplay on someone. Create the perfect outfits with the suggested clothes in the game and prove to everyone that you are a great designer in Character Creator!

Then you can add some kind of props to a participant’s hands, which will complement your character. Show your creativity by splashing it on the screen of your android or iPhone. Play the game with your friends and show off to each other, the participants of your future scenes in the Studio you create.