Gacha Life is a game in which you are able to demonstrate all your creativity, sense of style, and also realize your ideas in the Studio.

In the game, you have access to a special Character Creator. Usually, before starting to create their own sketches and sketches in the Studio, players start by creating the characters who will be participants. In total, in the first part, the maximum amount was eight, and in the second, the number has increased to ten.

In Character Creator, the player is presented with different options: presets, body, hair, face, clothing, accessories and items. Since the game is made in anime style, we all know that one of the most memorable features in anime is hair. That is why Gacha Life also offers a huge number of different hairstyles to choose from for both female and male participants.

If you know about anime, then you know for sure that very often hair speaks of character. For example, if a person has red hair, then we can say that he or she has a rather explosive character, or he or she is a negative person. If it is blue, then the person will be very calm, quiet and intelligent, and with green color, there are more non-standard personalities.

A lonely protruding strand often speaks of straightness, but at the same time some kind of awkwardness, if the hair is shaggy and sticking out in different directions, then you are able to expect a lot of actions and energy if there is a strand covering your eyes, then this indicates that a person has some secrets, and he or she is a quiet person.

So you can take this into account when creating your sketches. If you want to show that a certain participant has a certain peculiarity, then you can emphasize this with the help of his hair, or you can, on the contrary, confuse the players by making a calm person with an inappropriate color, for example, red.

The main thing is to use your imagination, create interesting scenes in Gacha Life and share them with other players!