Love Story

In Gacha Life, you have access to a tool for creating your own sketches and sketches. This is the Studio that players love so much in the game.

Eight (in the first part) and ten (in the second) participants for your scene are available to you in it. You are able to add text boxes to them to create a dialogue between them. GL2 also introduces a special text box for the narrator. Therefore, your sketches will now get much better and more interesting.

You can come up with a variety of scenarios for your sketches. It can be absolutely anything. The main thing is to turn on your imagination and be creative!

Love Story as a genre of sketches is considered to be one of the most popular in Gacha Life. Therefore, if you have not tried yourself in this genre yet, then we highly recommend it.

Create a tragic love story between two teenagers who cannot be together like Romeo and Juliet. It can be a love triangle, in which it will definitely not be completely clear who is going to stay with whom. Or take an incident from your life or your friends and bring it into the game.

In Character Creator, customize your members as you wish. Make them look cute together or, on the contrary, look like complete opposites of each other.

Often in anime, personality is shown through his hair, so you are able to use this technique to showcase the lovers’ characters. For example, give the guy blue hair, which is usually found in intelligent and quiet characters in anime, and the girl long red hair that will personify her energy and readiness for anything anytime, anywhere.

The main thing is not to hesitate to implement your plans, turn on your creativity and imagination and play the game with pleasure alone or together with your friends!