Gacha Life Meme is a joke game from the developer. It was released on April Fools’ Day in 2018. The game features many memes from Gacha Life that were created by the developers and staff of the Lunime and the community.

Each image is associated with the universe of Lunime’s characters. Therefore, the players will especially like it, since you can have fun in it, looking at the jokes about your favorite characters and even developers.

The main goal of the game is to get the entire collection. There are more than 150 images to collect, so you will need some time for this. And if you succeed in getting all of them, you will have access to the secret. Therefore, start your collecting adventure and have fun!

There are three tabs in total. Gacha, in which you collect images of varying degrees of rarity, you can see this at the top of the screen. There are common, uncommon, rare, super rare, ultra rare and mega rare. Collection where you track your progress in collecting and see which and how many images you still need. And Options tab where you set the settings you want.

In general, the players perceived the gag game quite positively, since this is another opportunity for Gacha Life lovers to collect all the elements of the collection so that later they can boast to their friends that he/she is the best player in their city!