Gacha Life Studio

Gacha Life is a game for the most creative. It has all the functionality that will help you realize everything that you have in mind. For this, you need to use everyone’s favorite Gacha Life Studio. In it, you can use eight characters (in the first part of Gacha Life), and later the number increased to ten (in the second part), who will participate in your scene.

You can also change the background at the location of the event and add objects and props. Also in the second part, adding pets to the sketch became available.

Forget About Time in the Creator

If you analyze the process of creating a scene in detail, then everything always starts with the Character Creator, where you have to create all the participants in your scene. Here you are able to customize the body and facial expressions of the person, showing his character through gestures or facial expressions.

Hairstyle is also a very popular method of showing character, so it should be given special attention. Often in anime, personality can be understood through hair color or hairstyle. That is, if you want to show an emotional and active personality, then it is better to give preference to red hair color, and if calmer and intelligent, white and blue will be the most suitable. Want to show that someone has a secret? Add long bangs to hide the eyes and so on.

Next, you have to dress your participants in beautiful outfits, as well as complement the looks with stylish accessories and give them the necessary props in their hands. After that, you go to the Studio, where, having designed the environment you need, you begin to prescribe the lines to the characters. In Gacha Life 2, it also became possible to create a story on behalf of the narrator, so now stories are able to turn out much more interesting.

The Main Feature of the Game

Players quite actively like to use the Studio, since thanks to it, they are able to create videos of different formats, and later upload them to the Internet. Most often, users like to select a song and then make the events that will accompany the lyrics of the song. Many players even set trends with their videos, after which others started trying to do something similar. Also, you are able to try to make a video where your participants are reacting to something or discussing different topics. All you need is your imagination!

When Ideas Run Out

Therefore, if you have any idea, then you can try to bring it to life in the Studio. You are able to also try to reproduce events from the life of your friends and you, thereby transferring memories to the screen of your phone. Hurry up and start playing and create cool scenes that you are able to later share with your friends!