Legend Never Die

Players often create various interesting videos thanks to the functionality of the Studio in Gacha Life.

In it, they realize their plot, thanks to the characters that they can create in the Character Creator in the game and make them look whatever they want. There are a lot of different clothes, accessories and items at choice so that they will definitely succeed in embodying the conceived participants. Also, add the backgrounds, objects and props they need so that the scene of events looks like they imagine.

One of the favorite types of sketches among players is a scene that takes place along with the song called Legends Never Die.

Often, the participants in it are in a rather depressed state and are offended for half the video, but later they begin to confront their offenders and prove their strength to them or begin to take revenge for previously inflicted pain with appropriate epic music.

If you like such stories, then you can create a similar one in the Studio in the game, and later demonstrate it to your friends, who will surely appreciate it, or post it on the Internet, like others, and expect a huge number of likes for the work done.

Quite a lot of players play the game, and they constantly come up with new and interesting stories that attract the attention of other users, who then want to repeat them complementing them with their own ideas. So why don’t you be the one to set the new trend for sketches? Just find a cool song and start coming up with a plot that fits the lyrics. Make your own characters, choose the background, add objects and start your own story!