Gacha Life has a huge fan base all over the world. It is downloaded by millions of people around the world and left thousands of positive reviews.

There are a lot of different users who even record videos of the game and upload their sketches, which they created in the Studio, to the public. Such video makers are called GachaBloggers and they also have a certain number of fans who are waiting for their new sketches.

There are many forums where people share with each other their ideas for future sketches, discuss innovations in new games from Lunime, or just chat with each other since they finally found a friend of the same interests.

Gacha Life also has a chat that is available from the tenth level, so this is another motivation for players to level up faster in order to start communicating with other users.

People in Gacha Life exist in Life Mode in the form of NPCs. So you can meet many other characters as you play and interact with them by chatting or giving them gifts.

Many users play with friends, sharing their sketches with them or showing off the Units that became available with the release of the Gacha Club.

In general, the community is quite friendly and active. At least based on the fact that the majority of the players are children. But despite their age, they are actively involved in the development of the game.

For example, when they announced the release of the second part, the developer even arranged a competition, during which players came up with items. The developers also announced future contests in which players will have to create presets.

Users are also quite positive about most of the innovations and other novelties from the developers, such as a gift for April Fools’ Day with memes about their favorite characters from Lunime’s universe and even about the developers!

So stay tuned for the news from the Lunime developers, maybe you will be able not only to participate but also to win the competition, thanks to which your items, presets or something else will be added to the game. It’s nice to know that you also took part in the creation.