Piggy Gacha Life

Gacha Life is a game that allows players to show their creativity. Users are very fond not only of playing the game but also of creating different videos. They can do this, thanks to the functionality of the Studio in the game.

In it, they can add characters that were previously created in the Character Creator in the game. There are a lot of options that can be changed, so they are able to make any person they want. Add the accessories, hairstyle and clothes you need, and put him or her in the right position that will perfectly reflect the character. Then, change the background to what they like, add objects and props they need, as well as replicas to the participants of the scene. Also, in the GL2 you have an opportunity to add a special text box that does not refer to any specific character but comes from the person of the narrator.

One of the types of videos that users create is called Piggy Characters react on Gacha Life Piggy Memes. In this type of video, the participants react to various funny sketches and add their comments to them. People really like this format and it is gaining a lot of views. There are a huge number of different videos that players have come up with, and later they became a trend that everyone repeats.

Users play a lot to get all the items they need to make something that looks similar to what they saw. That is why you can start playing in Gacha Life right now and come up with your own original format, which can become very popular later. So just try something new for yourself!